Environmental Social Governance


A key strength of 4energy group is our ability to assist our clients in achieving their own ESG goals.

4energy groups helps its clients with their decarbonisation and net zero challenges, by providing a baseline of emissions and creating a carbon reduction plan using our cloud based in house platforms, halo and livesight. We identify and take action on excess usage or waste to streamline both emissions and spend.

As a company, we are often required by our clients to target BREEAM and other sustainability ratings and we actively encourage all staff to deliver projects with a sustainable mindset.

Before beginning work on a new site, our staff are briefed in relation to site specifics including health and safety and environmental best practices.

A swimming pool with swimmers approaching the end of the pool. The pool is part of Downham Health and Leisure Centre who are clients of analytics4energy, a 4energy group company.


4energy group are committed to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) goals and objectives in order to direct and actively manage our impact on society and environmental sustainability.

ESG goals reflect how we impact our stakeholders. The supply chain, employees, customers, local community, shareholders, board of directors are all invested in our ESG performance.

These ESG goals include not only things which spring immediately to mind such as recycling and carbon emissions, but also corporate governance and health and safety policies, charitable activities and engagement with the local community. One way in which we are working towards these goals is that we are transitioning our vehicle fleet to fully electric.

We recognise the impact we make on the planet, our society and the economy and as such aim to make a positive difference in all our business practises. Our aim is to be good corporate citizens and support the communities in which we operate.

A Tesla car charging outside the 4energy group offices in Wickford. Essex. 4energy group are transitioning our vehicle fleet to fully electric, as part of our commitment to ESG.