16 April 2020

Remote Building Controls and Energy Saving during a crisis

David Lixton, a Director at analytics4energy, a 4energy group company, looks at how remote building controls and energy savings can help during a crisis.

As the Coronavirus crisis continues to develop, as an industry we are concerned about the impact this crisis will have not just on our businesses but also on our families, friends, colleagues, clients and customers. Many of us are also faced with financial and business-related challenges:

• Staff being furloughed

• Social distancing

• Operational teams off sick

• Site closures but needing to keep critical plant running

• Still having to visit sites to check critical plant

It is tough out there right now.

Remote Building Controls with Bespoke Analytics Software can help provide part of the answer.

The way that we all work in the future, as a result of this crisis, is likely to be changed and redefined forever. The world is embracing technology like never before. Video conferencing both for work and socially is the new norm across the world. We have already been moving steadily towards the IoT (Internet of Things) using AI (Artificial intelligence) to plan for the future.

It’s now time to continue this journey and safeguard our employees and buildings by introducing remote technologies which will ease the burden of monitoring and controlling buildings whilst keeping our employees safe and the technology is available now.

“livesight” is a cloud-based BEMS supervisory system and is a Software as a Managed Service (SAMS) solution developed by 4energy group. It connects to your site, campus or property portfolio through the internet and via an intuitive graphical user interface which allows remote interrogation, adjustment and analysis to take place.

livesight is based on the Niagara platform and enables the seamless integration of Trend, Honeywell, Distech and many other Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS) to allow you to remotely access your sites to manage your environment, reduce energy consumption, carbon emissions and expenditure.

Linked together on the same platform is halo…

“halo” was developed by the team at analytics4energy (a 4energy group company) and uses the power of cloud-based analytics to create a unique and user-friendly energy monitoring interface that help our clients make better financial decisions. halo allows you to fully understand and control the energy and associated costs of your site or property estates…. REMOTELY.

The strength of livesight and halo combined create a powerful tool which we will need in our very new world. Whole property estates can be monitored, measured, and managed by one operation’s engineer from their laptop. Alerts are automatically sent out from the platform direct to the operations team. Alerts are also triggered by plant failure or set parameters being breached in the form of operational plant or energy consumption. Regular site visits can become a thing of the past.

There is a huge bright light at the end of the tunnel! analytics4energy and 4energy group are here to help.

“analytics4energy have worked with us to provide some great savings in recent months but more relevant we have completed a controlled building shutdown for current closures with them to maximize energy efficiency and are seeing an average of over 80% reduction on both gas and electric, saving us significant running costs” Steve Bambury – Commercial Director for 1Life

The halo and livesight dashboards are available FREE of charge when used in connection with our Energy Reduction Contract and our ERC is also FREE to set up.

We invest in energy saving technologies and controls and share the savings 50/50 with our clients using the following process:

1. Desk top energy analysis

2. Evaluation of the opportunities across the estate or site

3. Investment in technology in the estate or site, over 5-15 years

4. Monitoring, measuring and managing the sites using halo & livesight

5. Share the savings 50/50 with our client