17 June 2022

From timber-yard to boutique shopping experience

Engineers from System Five have provided a BEMS for the Newson’s Yard project in Belgravia utilising a Trend Control Systems IQ4 system and IQ Vision which is centred around two control panels which manage ventilation requirements and domestic services requirements along with extensive electric, water and gas metering.

It was great to see our design in action at a recent site visit. The roof lights can be mechanically ventilated or open to the elements depending on the clients’ requirements and the prevailing weather conditions. Our design also includes blinds to provide automatic shading, based on occupancy, which help to control the environment in the most energy efficient manner possible.

System Five are proud to have been selected by main contractor Knight Harwood to work on the Newson’s Yard project for Grosvenor, creating a retail and residential development on the site of the oldest timber yard in London which was first established in 1840.